Despite bathrooms having a bad reputation in almost all Feng Shui practices, because of the numerous drains that let valuable chi energy flow out with the water, this is less applicable to modern bathrooms with elegant room-like designs. In fact, in contemporary Feng Shui, the bathroom has a special place in your home’s energy circulation and should not be simply closed off and forgotten, but arranged to enhance chi flow throughout the house. Here are 7 simple things you can do to transform your bathroom into an energy-rich, positive and relaxing room.

1. De-clutter and freshen up

Before you can think about arranging any room into a Feng Shui vibrant energy center, it is important to start off with a clean and simplified interior. There are numerous sources online offering tips on how to improve your bathroom storage options and clear the surfaces through clever organization. If you have a dozen threadbare mismatching or discoloured towels, throw them out and look for an online sale for beautiful towel or bath sheet sets to match your décor. We recommend looking through the selection at for cheap bath sheet sets to neatly fold and arrange around the bathroom. Replace your mats and toilet seat cover or get rid of them entirely. It is a smart Feng Shui move to cover your drains with a nice rug or a fresh mat.

2. Balance the elements

Usually there is plenty of water in the bathroom but you might struggle how to bring the rest of the five basic elements into your décor. You can accomplish that directly, by placing a plant to symbolize earth, a few candles to represent fire, a metal and a wood decorative element to stand for the respective elements (picture frames accomplish this just fine), or look into color solutions for element representation. Most Feng Shui stores offer framed pictures and artwork that incorporate all elements though shapes and colors.

3. Hang a crystal

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a good method to divert chi energy from flowing out through the drains is to balance it with a crystal hanging from the ceiling, about 9 inches off-center, to attract energy upwards.

4. Close off energy escapes

Don’t forget to close all drains after a shower or a bath. As we already mentioned, a cleverly positioned rag can stop the energy escaping through floor drains. Keep the toilet seat closed at all times.

5. Mind the doors

As you probably know by now, Feng Shui recommends that all bathroom doors are closed tightly shut, especially during the night. In fact, if you have already created a vibrant and uplifting Feng Shui space out of your bathroom, why not enjoy it to the fullest by keeping the doors open. Of course, there are a few cases when it’s better to keep the bathroom door shut, despite the changes you have incorporated: if it is directly facing your bed or your front door, or if it is situated close to your kitchen.