Choosing the Best Destination for your Ski Vacation

If you are looking for a ski resort, you will surely be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices, especially if you do not care wherever in the world your adventurous spirit will take you. With this, it is wrong to decide in haste or to just choose a resort offering the cheapest rates. It is also wrong if you use the pictures alone as the basis of the decision you are going to make. If you want to try freestyle skiing in a resort that will give you memories you will treasure forever, make sure to consider the points raised in the rest of this article.



Feature and Facilities


This will prove to be amongst the most important factors to be taken into account. More often than not, this will also be indicative of the price you will have to pay. Bigger resorts with bigger and better facilities, as common sense would dictate, will be normally more expensive. Some ski resorts will also offer their own accommodations, while there are some with outside hotels, which will normally be cheaper. Most of them will offer ski rentals and lessons for beginners. Make sure to check the website of the resort first and see what they can offer and how they can possibly contribute to the experience you are looking forward for.




For sure, it is tempting to consider going on a different country for a ski holiday. However, this will be costly for you. The plane ticket alone will already prove to be very expensive. In this case, especially if you are just a beginner, it would be better to start with a local ski resort or the one nearest the place where you live. The vacation will be more realistic as it is planned. Once you have already spent years in skiing and you have saved more than enough, this is a time where you can go abroad to fulfill the ski vacation you have been always dreaming of.


Time of Visit


In trying to choose the best ski resort to go, it is also important to consider the timing of your vacation. There are some resorts wherein there will be no snow year-round. It is better if you can check their schedule so that you will not be frustrated once you arrive at the resort. There are some areas where there will be guaranteed snow anytime, while there are some wherein only the Christmas season or specific months will be best.




At the end of the day, it all boils down into asking how much will the resort charge for your stay or for your skiing sessions. Not all of us have the luxury of financial resources, which makes it important to be mindful of the rates they are offer. Longer stays may allow you to enjoy discounts, but this can also lead into ballooning of the expense from other aspects, such as for your food.


Shopping For Towels

When you are shopping to buy a towel or towels, it is important to know what purpose you will be putting, the towel you buy, to efficiently achieve. Towels can be used for a variety of reasons and when I say that, I don’t mean the variety which is distinguished by the name of the towel, a beach towel for use on the beach or a bath towel for use after a bath. I mean that even within those types of towel, towels can be put to different uses, no more so though, than the versatile face cloth.

The face cloth can be used as a wash cloth in the shower, a make-up remover in the bedroom, a sweat cloth outside or in the gym and as an oil remover in the mechanic’s shop. All of these different uses require that the cloth be made from a different material to perhaps perform most efficiently and that is why you must know a towel’s role before you purchase it.

There are many places like which can provide towels in a variety of materials to ensure that you can get a towel which is ideally suited for the task for which you wish to use it.

Face towels that require being the softest are ones that are intended for use as make-up removers. These towels will be removing make-up from the delicate features of a ladies face and so softness is of the essence but I that is to be their only use, the absorbency of the towel is not important whereas with a wash cloth it is different. A wash cloth, as it is used all over the body, must also be soft but in this case, as it has to be capable of having soap lathered up on it and then delivering that lather to all parts of the body, it must also be very absorbent and so that is its major factor, perhaps even more important than its softness.

A sweat cloth, used outside when the sun is hot, to wipe sweat from a person’s brow or used in the gymnasium where it wipes sweat from the arms and legs as well as the brow, needs other qualities to those used in the bathroom or perhaps in a ladies dressing room. A sweat cloth need not concern itself with being particularly soft and gentle as the salt from the sweat will soon render these qualities redundant any way, what it must be concerned with is though, the ability to be absorbent enough to be used frequently.

Another use for which a face cloth can be put to, is as a hand wiper in a mechanic’s shop. Here the towels softness or absorbency are not the major concerns but as it will be used to wipe oil and grease from hands on possibly a regular basis, it must be tough, rugged and durable.

Different materials possess these required qualities and so you should be looking for a towel which is made from the correct material to best suit the purpose for what the towel is meant.

Make Your Towels Softer

Many people would love to have a soft towel when they just got out of the shower or tub. The softness of the towel is what typically attracts you to buy a certain kind of towel but the softness of the towel you get from your local or online stores may start to fade away as you use and wash your towels. To make sure that the towels you buy from are kept soft as they were when you first got them is a challenge but here are a few ways to do them.

  • Don’t use too much detergent on your towel because it will tend to stiffen if there is too much detergent when you wash them. Instead use half of what you would regularly use so that you maintain softness of your towels
  • Warm water is the best water to use to wash your towel because the detergent can dissolve in this type of water well so that it doesn’t build up in your towel and cause its roughness. Before adding your towels make sure that the detergent is already dissolved in the solution.
  • If you want softer towels but you don’t want the absorbency to be affected, then you should use vinegar instead of fabric softeners. Use one cup of white vinegar every six weeks so that you can make sure that the detergent residue in your towels are removed fully. Gradually your towels will become more soft and absorbent at the same time.
  • Baking soda can also be used to soften your towels. It helps remove the other chemicals that can be stuck on your towels. Half a cup of baking soda can be mixed with your detergent in the wash. It also helps remove the odours that your towel might have.
  • Make sure you don’t overload your washer with too many towels at the same time. Too many towels inside your washer can ruin your washing machine and it will also cause less space for your towels to be cleaned. Your towels need a lot of space for the dirt to be removed. You should also lightly load your dryer to make sure that warm air properly circulates to dry up your towels. If you are washing bath towels, 2 to 3 of them should be enough and you can add some of your hand towels and washcloths as well.
  • You can soften your towel while it is inside the dryer by using a clean tennis ball inside the dryer. The bouncing action of the ball also speeds up the process of drying.
  • Too much of the dryer can ruin your towel because of the heat it uses to dry your towel. Certain fibres like the Turkish cotton can get damaged. Instead of using a dryer, you can line dry them and shake them after they dry so that you can bring out their fluffiness. To ensure that they are completely dry, you can pop them up in the dryer on the coolest setting just to make them fluffier and softer.

6 Ideas How To Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Despite bathrooms having a bad reputation in almost all Feng Shui practices, because of the numerous drains that let valuable chi energy flow out with the water, this is less applicable to modern bathrooms with elegant room-like designs. In fact, in contemporary Feng Shui, the bathroom has a special place in your home’s energy circulation and should not be simply closed off and forgotten, but arranged to enhance chi flow throughout the house. Here are 7 simple things you can do to transform your bathroom into an energy-rich, positive and relaxing room.

1. De-clutter and freshen up

Before you can think about arranging any room into a Feng Shui vibrant energy center, it is important to start off with a clean and simplified interior. There are numerous sources online offering tips on how to improve your bathroom storage options and clear the surfaces through clever organization. If you have a dozen threadbare mismatching or discoloured towels, throw them out and look for an online sale for beautiful towel or bath sheet sets to match your décor. We recommend looking through the selection at for cheap bath sheet sets to neatly fold and arrange around the bathroom. Replace your mats and toilet seat cover or get rid of them entirely. It is a smart Feng Shui move to cover your drains with a nice rug or a fresh mat.

2. Balance the elements

Usually there is plenty of water in the bathroom but you might struggle how to bring the rest of the five basic elements into your décor. You can accomplish that directly, by placing a plant to symbolize earth, a few candles to represent fire, a metal and a wood decorative element to stand for the respective elements (picture frames accomplish this just fine), or look into color solutions for element representation. Most Feng Shui stores offer framed pictures and artwork that incorporate all elements though shapes and colors.

3. Hang a crystal

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a good method to divert chi energy from flowing out through the drains is to balance it with a crystal hanging from the ceiling, about 9 inches off-center, to attract energy upwards.

4. Close off energy escapes

Don’t forget to close all drains after a shower or a bath. As we already mentioned, a cleverly positioned rag can stop the energy escaping through floor drains. Keep the toilet seat closed at all times.

5. Mind the doors

As you probably know by now, Feng Shui recommends that all bathroom doors are closed tightly shut, especially during the night. In fact, if you have already created a vibrant and uplifting Feng Shui space out of your bathroom, why not enjoy it to the fullest by keeping the doors open. Of course, there are a few cases when it’s better to keep the bathroom door shut, despite the changes you have incorporated: if it is directly facing your bed or your front door, or if it is situated close to your kitchen.

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